Petite Quiche - 32 ct.

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Petite Quiche - 32 ct.

No sooner will you arrange these bite-size morsels of Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Florentine on a platter than they will quickly disappear. Package contains 16 of each.

Quiche Lorraine
Classic Quiche Lorraine features tangy Swiss cheese and savory bacon in a light-as-air quiche with accents of onion and chive, all nestled in a tender, buttery crust.

Quiche Florentine
We fold tangy Swiss cheese and tender spinach into whipped eggs and fresh milk, add a dash of nutmeg and bake delicately in a rich buttery pastry. You simply heat, serve and enjoy the compliments!

Package Includes:

16 Lorraine Quiche - Swiss Cheese and Real Bacon. 16 Florentine Quiche - Swiss Cheese and Spinach.

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Petite Quiche
Posted on 12/6/2018 by Mylene Mintz
I Love , and I wonder if you have catalogue, because here in Georgia is
very hardy in found . So I go for trying Cosco for 72. but i like the have more products from You. Everything is very good and easy for my party's
Tanks for so good product!!!!!

Lorraine and Florentine
Posted on 10/29/2018 by Julie M.
Just discovered these tasty little gems. They will be added to Tha is giving dinner this year; as long as WalMart doesn't decide to not carry them.

No longer available
Posted on 9/13/2018 by Sherry
None of the stores near me,Sams,Wal Mart, Costco or Target sell your product , Nancy’s Petite Quiche anymore. One store said it is no longer available. Please update your site so other people are aware .

6 inch quiches
Posted on 8/21/2018 by Carol
Delicious! Had to hunt for them around Milwaukee stores. Sendiks carries them. Would like to serve them at a brunch. Wish they larger for slicing and serving

Posted on 8/8/2018 by gdykkxxyhwr
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Posted on 8/8/2018 by Judix

Posted on 8/7/2018 by Judix

Posted on 3/16/2018 by JB
These are my go-to for food days at work. Everyone loves them, and they are very convenient to throw in the oven and pack and go.

The best!
Posted on 1/19/2018 by Gerlyn Saenz
Absolutely the best! Thank you

Most favorite things of alllllll time
Posted on 10/30/2017 by Heidi Marie Harrison
One review said "no longer vegetarian" but I know the ones at Costco are. It says so on the box. Try there! I wish Costco carried the other style, because my mom ends up with all my Florentine and it's not as good of a value for me. But other than that, I could eat these, every day and never tire of them

Found them!
Posted on 5/23/2017 by Jennifer
I have shopped at twice. They have them there. They were bought out by Walmart and I don't shop there so im disappointed. Don't order over a weekend because all our ice cream was melted even with the dry ice whic had evaporated but the second time only flattened chips and a couple of broken eggs. Great prices and THEY HAVE NANCYS QUICHE!!

My favorite
Posted on 5/19/2017 by Daryn
I've been eating these since I was a child, and they still have the same great taste. I just can't get enough of them! :)

Posted on 2/20/2016 by Joan
LOVE these Petite Quiches!!!! No one would ever know they are a commercially produced frozen product....and not 'homemade' in my own kitchen! They are EXTRAORDINARY in flavor as well as in the texture of the filling and the crust!!

These are now a staple in my freezer!

Loved them, but no longer vegetarian
Posted on 12/21/2015 by Nicole
I used to buy these for the holidays every year, and used to be able to find a package without bacon. No longer buy them because the only option is this, which would mean throwing away or simply never eating half the box. Being back the vegetrian box!

All The Love For Nancy's Quiches!
Posted on 12/12/2015 by Claire
Gotta review here. It took us a couple stores to find them and so worth the hunt. For anyone complaining (or yelling in all caps, for that matter) that they "don't eat meat" well I am sure you have other options. Nancy's has always carried the best little frozen quiches around!

Disappointed !!!!!!!!
Posted on 9/9/2015 by Jahan
It is very frustrating. I had bought a selection pack of these a few years ago when they had a spinach quiche and a plain cheese quiche this was great for those of us who DO NOT EAT MEAT!!!
Now you only offer a spinach quiche and a bacon and cheese quiche. Why Why Why would you not offer a vegetarian option whether it would be just all spinach quiches or just cheese.

Posted on 3/31/2015 by Pat
Our family loves these. Excellent flavor. Available at Costco's in Indianapolis. Recently was visiting in Raleigh, NC and found that the local Costco's carries another brand. Confused as of why Costco's in different locations wouldn't carry the same brands. Buy plenty of these when we are able to locate them.

Posted on 3/4/2015 by Joan Davidson
I love the mini Quiche but have a lot of difficulty finding them in local stores. They are far superior to the individual Quiche which seem to be in our local stores.

Posted on 1/14/2015 by Alyssa Singleton
This is genuinely my favorite food. I'm so disappointed every time I go to the store I seek them out. Nowhere to be found. WTH, bring them back.

not at Sam's in Newington, CT
Posted on 12/22/2014 by Ann
We used to buy these at Sam's club all the time; we only found them once this year (around October). Now, when you would really like to serve them during the holidays, they are gone again!

This is very frustrating! Please, please fix.

not at Sam's Club - Lynchburg VA
Posted on 12/15/2014 by Lisa
SO disappointed that my Local Sam's Club does not have this product - its a MUST for our Holiday gathering....What's UP???? Just shopped this morning and was told they do not carry any

Love Nancy's Mini Quiche
Posted on 12/1/2014 by Cindy
I love these, but can't find any. Costco used to sell them. Big Y used to sell them. I'm not a member of Sam's Club. Where can I find some?

Helping someone to find this item
Posted on 12/1/2014 by Earl
HI! If you are looking for the " NANCYS PETITE QUICHE " you can find them at your local Sam's Club. Thank You!

I will be doing a demo on this very item at Sam's Club

Desperate fo find these little jewels.
Posted on 11/27/2014 by Melinda von Reis
Cannot locate at any of the grocery stores listed to carry them
in our area. Desperate to find them with the holiday season
on us. Costco is using a different brand which is awful! Please
put them back in circulation.

Love Them!.....But can't find them!
Posted on 11/4/2014 by Jeff Blackburn
I absolutely love these things. I eat a half a dozen a week.......when I can get them. So what's up with production? Is anyone from the company reading these reviews? Hello?....are you there? I sent the company an email asking about this problem and all I got was a canned response telling who sells them.

Did you discontinue ????
Posted on 10/15/2014 by Pat S
If rate this 4 or. 5 stars if I could actually obtain it. I have shopped at or called 7 different stores on the Milwaukee area looking for this product. Finally a worker at Walmart in Mukwonago told me there are "production issues" and as a result , no delivery date promised to the store. What's going on ???

shelf is empty
Posted on 9/15/2014 by Anna
We hosted a big family brunch yesterday for a returning Peace Corp volunteer and we visited 5 stores looking for these quiche.
The shelf location was empty, there was a tag for for location where they normally are available. Really let down by the empty shelf all over the city.

Guy with limited cooking skills
Posted on 9/10/2014 by John Kelly
The Quiches and the Spirals are wonderful. I like to keep them available year round. Very rarely, I will have them as a Midnight snack. But my guests always love them and I entertain a lot. Where have they gone?! I cannot find them anywhere in the Nashville area. And Walmart used to always have them. They have been out for weeks. Where should I go to find them?

Mom with Dementia
Posted on 8/15/2014 by Tara Roberts
My Mom has Dementia and eats the mini quiches every other night for dinner. The other nights she eats cheese pizza from Costco. The mini quiches have disappeared from the Safeway's on Maui. I can't find any other places on the island that sells them. She is down to one box and getting distraught. Having the manager at Safeway looking into if the product is being discontinued. Argh!

Son with autism
Posted on 8/12/2014 by Susan Cho
My son who has autism eats only 4 main meal foods. One of them is Nancy's mini quiches- the quiche lorraine. I couldn't find them at any Safeway in the Denver area. Please let me know a retail store in the Denver area where I may purchase the quiche or how I may order them directly through your company.

Excellent but very hard to find????
Posted on 7/30/2014 by Carol D
My 92 yr. old Mom loves these, but literally disappeared from shelves
In our Indiana town and surrounding Indianapolis area!! Please someone post where you find them in Central/South Central Indiana! She loves eating 2 or 3 for breakfast w/salsa!

Petite Quiches and Spirals
Posted on 7/9/2014 by Smokey Dunn
Love,Love, Love them, But there gone from Wal Mart and target in

and Santa Fe. Please bring hem back. Smokey

Posted on 6/26/2014 by Denise Z
I used to find the mini-quiches everywhere in N. CA--Safeway, Raley's/Bel Air, Costco, Sam's Club, etc but can't find them anywhere now. I've ck'd breakfast food, snack food, and every other section in frozen foods. They're NOWHERE to be found. Please, help a girl out!

Found them at Safeway
Posted on 5/19/2014 by Cindy
I have the same problem..Costco quit carrying..but I did find them at local Safeway...I live in Tucson, Az. They were on the very top shelf in appetizer frozen case that helps anyone who is searching for them.

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 2/20/2014 by Julia
I'm going to die if I can't find this product . I live in Folsom, La and need to know this quiche can be found. Area code 70437

Cannot find them
Posted on 12/11/2013 by Carolyn
Who is carrying these delicious morsels now? Ingles was the only grocery carrying them near 2054, but when I went to purchase them today they said they didn't carry them anymore.

Weird 'meat' pieces
Posted on 12/1/2013 by angela
the florentine is okay, but the lorraine has too many 'weird' pieces of bacon in it. had some today, totally grossed me out.

Can't find them
Posted on 8/8/2013 by Nati Rivera
I used to buy them at Costco in Puerto Rico but they don't carry them anymore. I went to Sam's today and didn't have them either. The mini quiche brand, Cuisine Adventures, which Costco carries now, I don't like, even threw them away. Where can i find them?

The best quiches
Posted on 6/12/2013 by Monica Newton
I absolutely love these mini quiches, but it is impossible to find them in Long Island. Costco and BJs brought them back for a few months and now they tell me they dont carry them anymore. Would you please tell me where to get them? My zip code is11590. Please, we really want them.
Thank you.

A Big Hit
Posted on 5/28/2013 by PhillyGirrl
Who knew these would go over so well at a Memorial Day BBQ. Everyone loved them.

ALWAYS my favorite!
Posted on 4/26/2013 by Kirsten
These have always been my favorite..I could literally eat all 32 in one sitting if I'm not careful!

Love these!!!
Posted on 4/20/2013 by Lidia
I absolutely love these mini quiches. They are a great snack and are sure to go at any party!

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 4/11/2013 by Dee Ross
Excellent product, wish I could find more in Fort Gratiot, MI. I can only get Quiche Lorraine.