Quiche Lorraine - 6 oz.

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Quiche Lorraine - 6 oz.

Classic Quiche Lorraine features tangy Swiss cheese and savory bacon in a light-as-air quiche with accents of onion and chive, all nestled in a tender, buttery crust.

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Posted on 1/11/2019 by Ansley
Wow. I have enjoyed Nancy's quiches after discovering them a few months ago. However, tonight I am disgusted. After eating about half of the quiche, I cut into it and saw a full size insect. I do not know what to think. I can only assume that I have ingested these bugs over my time consuming these quiches. Absolutely repulsive. Wish I had the option to give 0 stars.

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 10/26/2018 by Pat
I can't find these in my Jewel in the Naperville Area anymore either. Please don't tell me they are discontinued!!

Posted on 10/21/2018 by Sharon Barrow
followed the microwave instructions to a t. the crust pretty much flaked into a big pile. Not much quiche filling for that crust. I pretty much only got 3 small bites and the rest went into the garbage can. this product was a total waste of money. I am trying to watch my calories but having a product that I could not eat it was not what I had in mind. You had some really good reviews but I would not buy again. I really wanted to have quiche in my freezer for breakfasts

Where are the Quiche Lorraines?
Posted on 10/4/2018 by Julia
I can't find these anywhere near northern DeKalb County in Northern Illinois. Have they been discontinued? Please bring them back! So disappointed!

best ever!
Posted on 7/30/2018 by sherry
i love these!

M8ssing in Illinois
Posted on 6/17/2018 by Cynthia
Quiche Loraine is no longer sold in Jewel in Illinois. Sad times for my eaughter and I. Wish I had some

Posted on 6/2/2018 by Bobbi Bowles
The best quiche I have ever had, hands down!!!!

Nancy's Quiche Lorraine / Bacon
Posted on 5/3/2018 by Lillian Davis
I love this for my breakfast...quick and easy in the microwave. I get frustrated when I can't find any in the stores. Do you have a recipe?

Nancy's Quiche Lorraine / Bacon
Posted on 5/3/2018 by Lillian Davis
I love this for my breakfast...quick and easy in the microwave. I get frustrated when I can't find any in the stores. Do you have a recipe?

Found Them!
Posted on 5/3/2018 by Nancy
Finally found these yesterday at Publix in Nokomis, FL. Been looking for them for weeks. Am very happy and will stock up.

Where's The Quiche?
Posted on 4/25/2018 by Gary Huffer
Every store in northern California is out of the 6oz Quiche Lorraine. Target, Safeway, Lucky. Anywhere that carries the 6oz Nancy's product is covered with the other flavors and empty on the Lorraine. Was there a recall? I have never seen a product disappear like this. You have lost me to McDonalds. At least I can depend on them being there and having what I want.

Can' find quich lorraine at publix in Fla. Space Coast
Posted on 4/23/2018 by kenn parrish
For a month I have tried to find these. Only the Florentine is on shelf. Company knows of no recall or problem with manufacturing like a few years ago.lind

Where's the Quiche Lorraine?
Posted on 4/18/2018 by Linda White
Tried two different Publix in Florida during the past 2 weeks and both were out if stock. Hope they return soon.

Where's The Quiche???
Posted on 3/28/2018 by Colleen Sherry
Northwest Indiana stores (Strack and Van Til and Jewel) no longer have any Nancy's Quiche on the shelf. Store employees have no idea what happened. Please Please bring them back. They're the best.

Help! Where are Quiche Lorraines?
Posted on 3/28/2018 by El Coyote
Love the 6-oz quiches — especially when topped with green chiles. But why is the space for Nancy's Quiche Lorraine now always empty at the Smith's (local Kroger partner) & Wal-Mart & non-existent at Albertson's? Have you stopped making them? Is there a dispute with distributors? I can't find any info on this! Please, please, please, SOMEONE answer all these posts that are saying what I'm saying. Thanks.

They are great
Posted on 3/20/2018 by Glen Watson
Sold out in Wichita Ks. also

Love these! Why out of stock?
Posted on 3/12/2018 by Ivan
These are excellent! Why are they sold out at all my Texas Austin area HEBs ?

I just called another HEB close by to see if they had some. They don't. The manager said that that probably means their San Antonio distribution center does not have any. Please refill !

Where are Quiche Lorraine?
Posted on 3/5/2018 by Sally Kinsman
I was always able to find your yummy Quiche Lorraine at QFC in Seattle Area (affiliated with Kroger). I am finding it sold out at all my stores. Amazon lists it as available with their Fresh option - said they have no idea when it will be available. Have you discontinued or are you going out of business?

Where to buy?
Posted on 1/3/2018 by Stacy Patterson
I used to be able to find this locally, but not any more. Walmart, the big one around here, which is the furtherest away and hard for me to convince people to drive me to (I don't drive, and people yell at me for paying for cabs. I am 'stuck'. I insult people by taking cabs but no one likes to use the gas to take me to places), but the walmart website for that store says it is in the store, but I can't find it and when I ask a clerk for help, I end up not finding it that way, with help either.

HELP!..where are my quiche?
Posted on 8/24/2017 by Sheri
For several years, my family relies on these and all the other flavors for quick breakfast or light dinner with fruit or salad. Now All local stores in northwest Indiana have stopped carrying them....!!! We are lost without our quiche! We ALWAYS bake in the oven and they are perfect every time... Do NOT microwave or this perfect little crust is ruined.. I want to try the champagne collection or seafood crab cakes, but have never seen them in this area....

Good Old Days
Posted on 8/8/2017 by Marilyn
This was my favorite, back when I could buy them. But I can't find anyone who sells them, and no one with this company will tell me where I can find them in Tulsa (and vicinity) after 2 or 3 requests. So, farewell!!!

(They list food distributors, and I have no clue what companies deliver to what stores.)

Posted on 5/7/2017 by paddington brown

Posted on 5/7/2017 by alexander prelec

Posted on 10/27/2016 by VG
can't beat this for a quick,and inexpensive, breakfast at work

Posted on 9/3/2016 by Jode
Oh my gosh these are thee best!!! I'm addicted. Comfort food over the top????

100% satisfaction
Posted on 7/14/2016 by Kami
My most fave food!!

Best Breakfast EVER
Posted on 4/17/2016 by Kat
I eat half of one of these for breakfast every morning. I'm so glad I found this product! It's so delicious and quick and easy to make! I just wish more stores in my area carried it because I have to drive so far to get it! I buy 15-20 at a time when I go! LOL

Posted on 2/18/2016 by Kate Wise
Fabulous taste. Buy all I can find; clean the store out. Superb anytime especially breakfast. Certainly beats cereal. A-1 quality!

Posted on 12/4/2015 by Karen Carroll
I bought two of these last night and I just had one for Breakfast - Taste so Awesome, great portion, not too expensive, and Very good quality. I cooked in the microwave at work and had co-workers asking what smells so good. I left one at home for my Husband to eat today I bet he will ask if there are more. Great Quiche I will be buying more for the weekend.

Posted on 9/23/2015 by Susan Allen Harker
There are no words to explain, has anyone seen any recipe from scratch that comes close?

Posted on 6/25/2015 by Julia T
We've eaten them for breakfast w/ fruit. We've had them for a light lunch or dinner. I live in SC & I'd LOVE to see them back on store shelves ASAP!!!

Posted on 6/25/2015 by Karen-Lee Bush
I love the 6 oz quiches. I used to buy them for lunch and have a side salad. Perfect. I used to buy them in Big Y in Torrington, CT. But they don't carry them anymore!! Where else can I purchase the quiches????

Easter PA stores don't have this anymore
Posted on 5/7/2015 by Anastasia
Love the Quiche Lorranine but all of our local stores only carry the petite quiche. We haven't been able to buy any of the the 6oz Quiche in years. Please bring them back to Walmart in Eagleville, PA

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 3/14/2015 by Virginia Brown
OMG - I just tried the quiche Lorraine (purchased @ Publix in Inverness - Birmingham, AL) .... it is delicious. The crust is wonderful. So0, I went back to Publix last night and purchased all they had in stock. FYI - the cooking instructions are located on the side of the packaging. I did bake in a conventional oven - NOT microwave. We plan to ask Publix to order the 3 cheese quiche for us

Petite Quiche
Posted on 12/21/2014 by Joyce Deason
there are no cooking instructions. HOW DO I COOK THEM? can't rate until I know how to cook.

Wonderful Lunch
Posted on 12/9/2014 by Julie Bottemuller
I love this with a Salad at work. Even good out of the microwave!! Couldn't find it today and let my grocer know it was MISSED!!

Nice Surprise
Posted on 11/1/2014 by John Morfin
I found the cooking instructions exact. From the conventional oven the crust came out flakey and attractively browned. The filling was excellent and flavorful and not over-cooked.. My first encounter with this product, but not the last. A pleasant breakfast or hold-me-over snack. Nice going.

You need a new crust.
Posted on 9/13/2014 by otta
I have been eating your quiches for a number of years now, and I have been putting them in the microwave.... I love the flavor and consistency, I do wish they were bigger though, and I have to tell you that I do NOT like the side crust. It does NOT have a nice flavor so I always have to peel the side crust off before eating it. It is a crumbly tasteless mess....sorry...

Posted on 2/7/2014 by Pamela Proctor
Thank you for eliminating the tin foil dish from your individual quiche varieties! Now both the crust and quiche bake evenly. I am absolutely delighted! I love the quiche lorraine variety and I am looking forward to tasting the cheese trio quiche for brunch this weekend.

Posted on 9/17/2013 by Mrs. Sandra J
Absolutely LOVE this quiche! I've never had any quality issues with this product, but I recently bought two at a Va Beach Harris Teeter and both were missing the microwavable tray. I was able to make due with a double paper plate, but remain curious if anyone else has run across this issue. Nancy's ?? Does the "new look" mean no more tray? If so, you may want to change the microwave directions. Either way - THANKS for a tasty and quick quiche!

Great for lunch
Posted on 7/24/2013 by Jeff Blackburn
I love these! Quite tasty and cooks quickly. I eat two of these for lunch several times a week.

My all time favorate
Posted on 7/12/2013 by Paula M. Taylor
I Love this quiche.

good stuff
Posted on 6/5/2013 by Kevan
These are very tasty, and the ingedients list is quite sane. It's a great value for the price. I'd serve guests home made quiche, but these are perfect when you want quiche for yourself but don't want to cook. They microwave very well, but, of course, turn out better oven baked.

quiche lorraine
Posted on 4/25/2013 by Marni Moore
I found this quiche marvelous! always hesitant with microwaveable stuff, but this was perfect -- not greasy or tasteless. I will definitely buy more of this product.

crust was burned on edges
Posted on 4/24/2013 by Dorothy Garth
Very disappointed when I opened the box and discovered the edges were burnt. I have used the petite ones for ages and always found them to be excellent.

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 4/5/2013 by Darthy
Too much onion. Otherwise it's very, very good.

Quiche Lorraine
Posted on 2/19/2013 by Nancy Baumann
Nancy's quiche lorraine is a delicious breakfast treat. It only takes less than 2 minutes in my microwave for a gourmet breakfast. If dieting, eat 1/2 or share.

Unfortunately, my local Kroger doesn't carry it, but by HEB does. I usually buy them out!

Posted on 2/13/2013 by Gene
I love quiche and have made quiche. These little quiches of Nancy's are wonderful. Heat very nicely in the microwave.