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Serve, dazzle and delight.
Nancy's® Frozen Appetizers & Entrées will help you to serve delightful party fare for any occasion. They're simple to prepare, and because they look as lovely as they taste delicious, your guests are sure to take notice. From our vibrant Spirals to our savory Quiche to our show-stopping crab cakes, you'll be pleased with how well these bite-sized appetizers and entrées tempt and satisfy your guests' appetite for the extraordinary.
Who is Nancy?
Who is Nancy?

An accomplished entertainer, Nancy Mueller became renowned in San Francisco social circles for her delightful, homemade party fare. She created unique bite-size appetizers that garnered rave reviews. Encouraged by family and friends, Nancy began making enough to supply local stores and eventually founded Nancy's Specialty Foods in 1977.

As demand spread throughout the Bay Area, Nancy continued to ensure that her appetizers looked and tasted as if they came from her own home. After a wildly successful introduction in a warehouse club store, Nancy's Petite Quiche drew an avid following throughout Northern California as a party staple.

Nancy's secret to success has been her ability to create foods that are appealing and appetizing throughout the entire party, and the Nancy's brand continues to offer a wide variety of easy-to-prepare, elegant appetizers and entrées that guests are sure to notice and appreciate.

A message from Nancy...
Food has always been a centerpiece of my entertaining events. It brings people together, serves as a topic of conversation, and is often what people remember long after the party is over. It was when I first started hosting my own parties that I realized how essential (and daunting) the food-planning was. It's difficult to be both prepared and relaxed for your guests when you are fussing over the food. Even when a hostess has abundant creativity and the best of intentions, it can be a real challenge to have a wide variety of attractive and delicious dishes ready before the guests arrive. Part of why I started my company was to enable hostesses around the country to easily serve appetizers that will elevate any entertaining occasion.
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