Party Tips
Party Tips
Everyday Entertaining
  • When you garnish the food you're serving, don't forget about the platters. Scatter chopped fresh herbs over a plate of Deli Spirals, or dust a platter of Petite Quiches with bright orange paprika.

  • Set out whimsical drink charms or tags to make it easy for guests to find their drinks. Choose charms with a seasonal theme or a theme that's specific to your occasion for an extra bit of fun.

  • Make ice cubes out of fruit juice to keep your party punch cold and flavorful. Colorful juices like cranberry, orange and pomegranate are always fun. You can also freeze fresh fruit like orange or strawberry slices for added visual appeal.
Spring & Summer Occasions
Spring & Summer Occasions<a name='SpringSummerOccasions'></a>
  • Planning a Mother's Day or Easter brunch? Serve Nancy's Entrée Quiches on individual plates with a side of tender green asparagus. Adorn the table with white or pink cloth napkins and a centerpiece of bright pink carnations in a crystal vase.

  • Deli Spirals are perfect on any warm-weather menu. Place them on a platter with tiny dollops of pale green pesto dotting the rim, and a generously sized bowl on the side for dipping and spreading.

  • Seafood Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce add a spicy Creole touch to any summer barbecue. Cool it down with a pitcher of homemade iced tea laced with refreshing mint.
Fall & Winter Holidays
Fall & Winter Holidays<a id='FallWinterHolidays'></a>
  • Simple, harvest-themed centerpieces can include a wooden bowl of red and green apples, a selection of colorful and uniquely shaped gourds, or a grouping of pumpkin- and cranberry-colored pillar candles of varying heights.

  • Purchase a set of parchment paper autumn leaves and use to line platters of cheese, Petite Quiches, Deli Spirals, or any of Nancy's appetizers.

  • A simmering pot of mulled apple cider on the stove lends a delicious fragrance to your Thanksgiving celebration, and complements appetizers like Petite Quiches, Deli Spirals, and Mini Cheese Souffles from the Champagne Collection. Garnish each glass of cider with an aromatic cinnamon stick.

  • Fresh, bright red cranberries are a colorful holiday garnish. Scatter on platters of Deli Spirals, mixing with sprigs of rosemary, or any other fragrant garnish that you can think of.

  • Almost everyone feels like they overindulge during the holidays, so offer small plates as well as large so your guests can sample smaller portions if they choose.

  • People often make New Year's plans well in advance of the holiday…be sure to send out your invites about a month ahead to catch guests before the rush.
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